+Brenda Wilson, Founder & CEO

 Brenda was inspired by her grandson since 2008, Ryan Woods, who was born and diagnosed on the autism spectrum at the age of three with autism.  Brenda enjoys growing her Foundation and has managed to team up with the Walmart stores statewide training/preparing adults for employment.  This partnership is such a blessing to those with Special Needs and Walmart. She continuously takes courses and attends conferences having to do with autism. Brenda attended Denver University after leaving Galveston, TX (where she was born/raised); worked in private sector for over 40 years, including Washington, D.C. where she was employed in Government Affairs for Xerox Corporation. Brenda has been sought after by Walmart management and other corporations to help raise awareness throughout the state of CT; a passionate advocate for children/families; and a fearless leader.  Her free time is spent with her two adult children, and grandson, Ryan. 

Ian Woods, Vice President & Treasurer, Program Director +


Ian was born and raised until age 12 in Galveston, TX.  He is the Foundation's "go to" person for the programs and fundraising events. He serves as  Program Director for CAMP RWAF and the kids love "Mr. Ian" -- he never meets a stranger.​

+Ebone' L. Woods, Esq., Certified Attorney, CT & NY, General Counsel

 Ebone' was born and raised in Connecticut.  Magna Cum Laude Sacred Heart Graduate and Educational Attorney practicing in NYC for the United States Department of Education Office of Civil Rights; prior to this recent position, she  worked for one of the top special education firms on Long Island five years representing school districts.  She is also certified to practice in CT.  She enjoys working out every day and spending time with her parents, brother and his family when she can get to Connecticut. She has resided and worked in NYC since 2007. Ebone' is an advocate for RWAF and helps families pro bono whenever she can do so. She is often in Washington, DC with a passion to change policy management, interested in politics; legislators, often invited to work with U.S. Senators regarding Civil Rights, Disabilities and Employment.

Laura Stouffer, B.S., Early Childhood Education, Secretary

 Laura Stouffer was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA.  She earned a BA degree from Hope College and has over 20 years experience in Early Childhood Education; day care and private pre-schools.  Laura lives in Middletown with her husband, Mark, and son, Daniel (former Xavier and RWAF mentor).  She loves to go for walks, kayak and spend time with family and friends!  Laura has a brother, now in his 50’s, who is on the autism spectrum (diagnosed when he was in his late 20s.) 


 Dortha works for The Middletown Chronicle as a reporter. She retired as a Special Education teacher but is very heavily involved in Special Needs and is a passionate advocate for children/youth with autism and related disabilities.​ 

TALHAHT MANNAN, M.S., Board Member

 Special Education Teacher and DPH Licensed Day Care Provider connected to Southern Connecticut State University, New Britain, CT.  Talhaht is RWAF's educational director. She has over 30 years in this industry.


 Melinda Mary Tyler, LCSW, RWAF Clinician