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  • Teens summer program "Camp RWAF."
  • Employment Training/Placement
  • We provide a social outlet for this Parent/Sibling Support Groups

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Please check out this summer camp for ages 16-21.  It is like vacation every day of the week.  We start out with "Circle Time" where the kids have an opportunity to communicate/exchange and move on to the field for snacks, life skills and fun -- it's summer NOT school!

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My son looks forward to Camp RWAF and his school supports this organization.  RWAF is like family to us. -Susan Tirone


Adam R. Rustico


RWAF is an excellent summer camp for individuals with special needs. It’s a great way to help get a future job and I get along well with everyone including Ian, Ryan and many others. Sam Roy is someone I made good friends with and I am proud to say that he’s a great guy. To this day, I am still connected with Daniel, Sam, Ian and his family. Also, Ryan Woods Autism Foundation continues to thrive with excellence and wonderful support!

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We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit, charitable grassroots organization

Epipen, First Aid/CPR certified

Trained staff include 15 years of dealing with children, teens and young adults on the spectrum.